Why Hire a Bin

When you want that clean-up to take place, a U-Ranga bin is the only way to go. Our bins are just so easy to use.

Hiring a bin is the most cost-effective, time-efficient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your excess waste items. Not only do we save your time and stress levels, we recycle all your waste for you.

By the time you go to the local service station, hire a trailer, pay and load the trailer, drive to the tip, pay the expensive tipping fees, sort through your own rubbish and then return the trailer…it would have been easier, quicker and cheaper to order a U-Ranga Bin, which is delivered and removed at a time to suit you!

Also there is potential for police fines, which are applied for improperly secured loads, faulty trailer lights, obscured number plates etc. – who needs the hassle?

Don’t waste your weekend driving to and from the tip, grab a couple of friends or the family, have a working bee, load up the U-Ranga bin and watch it drive away at the end of the day while you have a cold drink. No stress no worries.


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